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15th September,

The polished motion parts on the right have been retrieved from storage and will be examined to see if any of the bronze bushes are worn and need replacing.

All of these items were cleaned and oiled before storage but unfortunately two years in a container left many of them covered in rust. It is only through hard work by members of our volunteer team that these parts look as good as they do.


Copyright A.J.Morgan

The photo' on the left shows a new vacuum pipe clip made to replace the worn original on the right of the picture. Despite their small size, there can be quite a lot of work involved in reproducing 'one off' parts like these.

Occasionally we hear visitors say that things haven't changed much since they last came. It is the case with a large project like ours that a great deal of work goes into smaller components that either can't be seen or can't be fitted at that time. The pipe clips shown are a typical example - the new clip cannot be fitted until the boiler is in place.