Overhaul - 18/02/2011

Copyright A.J.Morgan

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Copyright A.J.Morgan

The view above shows the second rivet just fitted, and still glowing red.


The bogie frame is actually upside down, so these views are of the left hand rear corner. Another four rivets were fitted on the opposite side (right hand front corner) to replace loose originals.


Further work is required to improve the worn axlebox guide faces.

18th February


The front bogie of the locomotive is quite worn and will require a good deal of work to rectify this.


The view below shows work to correct an old weld repair, which had caused the frame to bend outward. The old (incorrect) rivets were removed, the frame side heated and straightened and the rivet holes countersunk.


As with the bufferbeam, temporary bolts are used to hold parts together, here one bolt remains, a new rivet has been fitted and a hole is ready for a second rivet to be fitted.