Overhaul - 18/05/2012

Copyright A.J.Morgan

Copyright A.J.Morgan

The view above shows the same cylinder with the refurbished steel cladding fitted. The primary function of this is to retain the insulation but also provides a smooth surface for painting and allows for easier cleaning.

Above the cylinder can be seen the re-fitted steam heat pipe with white fibreglass lagging, steam for heating the carriages will eventually pass through this.

The circular bellows like structure immediately on top of the cylinder is the right hand exhaust pipe. This will carry the spent steam from the cylinder to the blast pipe in the smokebox, where it will mix with hot gases from the firebox and exit through the chimney

IMG_2159 IMG_2210

18th May


The view below shows the right hand cylinder being lagged with ceramic fibre insulation. The fibre is similar in appearance to loft insulation but is far better at retaining heat, but unfortunately only slightly less itchy ! The fibre has been wrapped in a foil to try and prevent it from  getting wet through when the locomotive is in service and will hopefully cut down on corrosion.