Overhaul - 18/11/11

Copyright A.J.Morgan

Copyright A.J.Morgan

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18th November  - see previous page for more info.


The photo below shows the wheels rolled into position and the locomotive ready for lowering down.


The lowering onto the wheels is quite a slow process, everything has to be done very carefully with several people keeping a constant watch as the loco comes down. There is little room for manoeuvre, when the driving axleboxes enter into their guides there is less than 1mm of clearance to play with either side.

After several hours of work the locomotive finally rests on its wheels. Steel blocks have been temporarily put between the frames and the driving axleboxes to take the weight and allow the jacks to be removed.


The view above shows the locomotive with all the jacks and equipment cleared away and the all important rain sheet back in position to counter the leaking shed roof !


The next task will be to fit the six main leaf springs and their associated parts, once this is done the loco will truly be back on its wheels.