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23rd December

The photo on the right shows the replacement bufferbeam plate or 'buffer plank' bolted temporarily into position.

The recently drilled plate has been positioned to allow the the new gusset plates behind to be marked for drilling and to to allow them to be accurately set for final welding in.

Once all of the new gusset components are welded in, the bufferbeam plate will be fastened to them permanently with hot rivets.


Copyright A.J.Morgan

The photo on the left shows the area immediately behind the bufferbeam where the left hand gusset plates fit.

The gusset plates are the stiffeners or braces that give the bufferbeam its strength.

A new front gusset plate has been welded in, the areas of bare metal indicate where two more gusset plates will be welded in. The small square plates are 'tack' welded on temporarily to allow the heavy top gusset to be easily and accurately positioned for welding.