Overhaul - 25/05/2011

Copyright A.J.Morgan

Copyright A.J.Morgan

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25th May


A start has been made on re-fitting some of the lubrication pipework. The axlebox guide (or horn guide) pipes have been fitted first because access to the bolts that fasten the pipe clips is easier without the wheels in.

The pipes supply  oil to the faces between which the axleboxes slide.

The view below shows the pipes to the left hand driving (middle) axlebox guides. The picture above shows the pipes as fitted during the original restoration when both access and time was tight.

During the current overhaul the opportunity is being taken to tidy up this pipework so that it conforms more closely to the original drawing.

The view above shows the re-configured pipes fastened finally in to place. The 'step out' at the top is required to avoid three pipes which supply steam to the steam brake and drain cocks. These run between the two large clips on the frame side, one on the far right, the other towards the top.