Overhaul - 26/01/12

Copyright A.J.Morgan

Copyright A.J.Morgan

26th January


The photo below shows a small selection of the 48 new pins made for the brake gear by one of our volunteer machinists.


This work has been steadily progressing for well over a year so that the brake gear would be ready for fitting when the locomotive was re-wheeled.


The pins form the connections and pivots for the brake linkage, and are secured with large split pins and washers.

IMG_1893 IMG_2100


The photo above shows some of the many refurbished brake gear components


All of the brake gear components have had new bushes fitted to replace worn originals, approximately 140 of these have been made by the same volunteer.


A bush is a liner pressed into a hole, which when worn can be pressed out and replaced, rather than replace the whole component.