29th June

The view on the right shows a selection of the many new pipe clips and brackets that have been manufactured to fasten the pipework correctly. Production of these small items is a particularly time consuming and fiddly job !


Copyright A.J.Morgan


Copyright A.J.Morgan

The photo on the left shows first sections of cylinder pipework fitted.
The old pipes have been re-shaped and fastened into positioned. These pipes come from the left hand rear mechanical lubricator and will feed oil to the middle cylinder. Each cylinder has its own lubricator, feeding cylinder oil continually while the locomotive is moving. Cylinder oil is more viscous so that when it enters the hot cylinder it thins but remains able to lubricate.
A fourth mechanical lubricator on the right hand side feeds thinner 'motion' oil to the slidebars and to the driving axlebox underkeeps (oil filled trays that the lubrication pads sit in).