Overhaul - 06/09/2012

Copyright A.J.Morgan

Copyright A.J.Morgan

6th September


The view below shows three steam supply pipes trial fitted in between the frames. At the top is the pipe to the steam brake cylinders, then the pipe to the steam operated cylinder drain cocks and at the bottom, the steam pipe to the leading sand pipes.

The position of these pipes is not ideal as they pass directly over an access hole. The hole is placed in the frame side to allow a bar to be put through so that the gudgeon pin (small end pin) on the middle connecting rod can be knocked out. There is a hole on the right hand side also, to allow it to be knocked in.

This situation was not ideal as it made a difficult job even more awkward. The relevant drawings showed an improved arrangement so the decision was made to alter the current one. New studs were fitted, a new clip made and the old clip altered to suit the revised pipe runs.

The view above shows the new arrangement in position with the access hole now clear of obstructions.

The left hand steam brake cylinder can also be clearly seen in the lower half of the picture.

IMG_2760 IMG_2767