Overhaul - 07/04/2011

Copyright R.Billson

Boscastles bogie maching 002 Boscastles bogie maching 005

Copyright R.Billson

7th April


The bogie frame has had the axlebox guide faces machined to refurbish worn and pitted surfaces and correct some mis-alignment.

The work has been carried out by Brush Electrical Machines at Loughborough.  

We would like to thank all those at BEM who have helped to organise and carry out this work.

Below, the bogie is shown set and clamped up-side down on the machine, a Skoda planer/ miller. The bright faces on the far left of the photo have already been machined.

The photo above shows the guide faces being cut, those nearest the camera have been finished while those on the far side of the bogie frame are being cut. The cutting tool can be seen on the end of the shaft extending out from the machine.