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After a lengthy restoration from scrapyard condition, Boscastle gave enjoyment to many visitors to the Great Central Railway over a seven-year period from 1993. Because of its impressive size it was used frequently on the 'Drive a Locomotive' experiences offered by the railway. However, major problems with the firebox developed, and it became necessary to withdraw the locomotive from service.


In addition to the firebox repairs, many life-expired components were in need of replacement, work which had not been possible during the original restoration due to the lack of parts and equipment. Since the boiler had to be stripped down for examination to

As this first overhaul proceeded, more work was found to be necessary - a legacy of the engine’s run-down condition when withdrawn by British Railways (a common experience of locomotive owning groups in similar situations). However, with the rolling chassis of the locomotive at an advanced stage of completion, a major refabrication of the firebox well underway and a heavy repair to the tender (including a new tank) in progress, the completion of the overhaul is within sight.


Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to see the job through to completion. The 'How you can help' page shows ways in which you can help us to achieve our vision to see this fine locomotive back in steam as soon as possible.



                                 Reversion to volunteer-only labour is not a realistic option.

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take place, it was a logical decision to overhaul the entire locomotive at this point.


However, the likely cost of such an overhaul was completely beyond the resources of the owning group, so it transformed itself into a private limited company - Boscastle Locomotive Limited - in 2005, with the sole purpose of returning 34039 Boscastle to working order and maintaining it in that state.


To that end, the company engaged a professional contractor to carry out the bulk of the work, assisted by a team of volunteers, and they are now well on with the job. You can see the quality of their work in the 'Overhaul' pages which follow.