'Boscastle' emerged from Eastleigh Works as a rebuilt 'West Country' in January 1959.

Shortly after, 34039 was allocated to Bournemouth shed and from there, worked on the mainline between Waterloo, Southampton, Bournemouth and Weymouth.

Regular duties included the tightly - timed two hour express trains to Waterloo, while also taking its turn on named trains such as the 'Bournemouth Belle' and the 'Royal Wessex'.

Another Bournemouth duty in summer included a regular relief to the well-known Bournemouth-Manchester 'Pines Express'. This was the Sheffield portion, which ran as a separate train on Mondays and Fridays.


A.J.Morgan collection

'Boscastle' was assigned to this duty on the 19th June 1959, and became the first rebuilt 'West Country' to run on the steeply graded Somerset & Dorset line to Bath - here captured by Ivo Peters arriving at Evercreech Junction on the return run.


Ivo Peters /Courtesy J. Peters

Following four Summers of main line and S & D duties, September 1962 saw 'Boscastle' transferred to Eastleigh Shed.

Many of the duties at Eastleigh involved working semi-fast trains to Bournemouth and London, with occasional work such as Friday evening relief trains and summer Saturday holiday extras supplementing the usual service.

Eastleigh shed also provided locomotives for the heavy Ocean Liner Special trains running between Southampton and Waterloo. The trains ran in groups of three to five to coincide with the arrival of the liners at Southampton Docks.